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Avil Cute

Hi Gentleman, I am sure if you see me in the person, you will like me so much coz. I am exactly same in those photos .Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions. i am extremely naughty and hot girl which are personality cuties and sexist sometimes depends on who looks at me i believe gives us the advantages and badly over other. I am confident i would look after you well very that you won’t be disappointed. ^.^ Gorgeous naughty 21years old , stunning Busty with natural real


When can we meet?

24 Hours
24 Hours

Personal Details

Weight:  46 - 50
Hair Colour:  Black
Eye Colour:  Black
Ethnicity:  Asian
Height:  5.00
Age:  21
Gender:  Female
Body Type:  Hour Glass
Bust:  D
Location:   Darling Point , NSW

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