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Jenna Love

Hey guys, I'm Jenna Love from the Blue Mountains. *** TEXT or EMAIL only, no phone calls accepted. *** All clients MUST supply a valid phone number and email address. *** Deposits required for ALL tour bookings. I don't really connect with the terms GFE or PSE - I'm probably best described as a girlfriend who wants to be a porn star, as I love to cuddle, chat and be intimate, but I also love pretending I'm in one of my favourite porn films! I like to think I coined the term FDE - First Da


When can we meet?

By appointment only
By appointment only

Personal Details

Weight:  51 - 55
Hair Colour:  Reddish Brown
Eye Colour:  Blue
Ethnicity:  European (White)
Height:  5.00
Age:  30
Gender:  Female
Body Type:  Apple
Bust:  EE
Location:   Perth , WA

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