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HI GENTLEMAN ! My name is Marina ,25 years old. PROSTATE: It's the male "Life gland". It's the path to urine and semen! Silently protect the maris heslth, there is a clear white fluid in the prostate gland-"prostatic fluid" Excess long-term accumulation can trigger inflammation in the body! Cause your urine to burn! it can also cause male sexual dysfunction. it is also a male sex sensitive area"prostate pleasure and orgasm are the perfect feelings men are looking for!"Prostice massage first h


When can we meet?

By appointment only
By appointment only

Personal Details

Weight:  46 - 50
Hair Colour:  Black
Eye Colour:  Black
Ethnicity:  Asian
Height:  5.00
Age:  25
Gender:  Female
Body Type:  Apple
Bust:  DD
Location:   Melbourne , VIC

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