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PROSTIC MASSAGE--Your Life Gland EROTIC MASSAGE--Your Sanctuary (25)

Posted On: 26 August 2019

My name is Marina ,25 years old. PROSTATE: It's the male "Life gland". It's the path to urine and semen! Silently protect the maris heslth, there is a clear white fluid in the prostate gland-"prostatic fluid" Excess long-term accumulation can trigger inflammation in the body! Cause your urine to burn! it can also cause male sexual dysfunction. it is also a male sex sensitive area"prostate pleasure and orgasm are the perfect feelings men are looking for!"Prostice massage first helps you remove excess prostate fluid. Make your prostate healthier. Then stimulate the sensitive part of the prostate with different techniques and forces. let you feel diffterent excitement! EROTIC MASSAGE :It was a wonderful experience. It's a massage technique applied to your sexually sensitive area" The human body has aminimum of 8-10 sensitive parts" Enhanced arousl! keep your body and mind stimulated!At the same time with the local well-known brand pure plant essential oil blend from the body massage oil! "Different combinations produce different effects" Let your Hearing,The tactile sense,Smell to experience this romantic getaway!I know your body! I know what it needs! Ialso off a full service! FULL SERVICE:FREE BODY! EROTIC OR PROSTATE MASSAGE 20min/$100 30min/$150 Free Good oil massage, Because time can't 45min/$200 Free Erotic! Body massage "OR" Prostate massage 60min/$250 Free Erotic! Body massage "OR" Prostate massage PROSTATE OR EROTIC MASSAGE:FREE BODY! EROTIC!AND H J 30min/$120 Try only, because prostice massage only need 20min up. because need make your body relax before, last time for H J 45min/$170 Free Erotic! Body massage and H J 60min/$200 Free Erotic! Body massage and H J 90min/$300 Free Erotic Body massage Body scrub and H J GOOD OIL BODY MASSAGE & H J : 30min/$100 45min/$150 60min/$180 TEXT ME


  •    Age:  25
  •    Gender:  Female
  •    Orientation:  Male

Rates - Incall

30 Minutes $100
45 Minutes $150
60 Minutes $180

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